Saeco Xelsis - Wenneker / Ogilvy Amsterdam
Rookvrij - De Wereld wordt Rookvrij / Jalt
Blokker - Koffie / Jump!
Blokker - Soda Watermaker / Jump!


I have 26 years experience in producing television commercials, shorts, videoclips and online content. In 1994 I co-founded production company Bäst, where I worked as executive producer. During my career I developed an extensive (international) network and I have the ability to work within any given budget, either big or small. I enjoy working with ad agencies and production companies as long as I can create something I believe in.

Besides my professional life I have a great family with two beautiful daughters and I love to go windsurfing when all work is done.

Friesblond - Natuur waar je wél op zit te wachten / Neew
Koopmans / Being There
Optimel / Havas Lemz
Rijksoverheid Wijs op Reis / Open Now